mni Rheumalin 60 Tablets


RheumaLin contains a unique blend of plant-derived phytochemical ingredients that can inhibit the production of key inflammatory mediators that act as triggers for inflammation, thereby addressing the source of inflammation.  RheumaLin is gentle on your stomach and can therefore be used over extended periods of time.

RheumaLin, your natural anti-inflammatory and joint preservation solution.

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RheumaLin contains a unique blend of plant-derived phytochemical ingredients recognised for their ability to help alleviate joint inflammation, pain, improve mobility and aid in preventing joint degradation. Its multi-modal pharmaceutical action is achieved through selectively blocking key inflammatory enzymes that play a dominant role in the activation and maintenance of inflammation, pain and joint destruction. The ingredients contained within RheumaLin are Indian frankincense and resveratrol.

Indian frankincense is a bark resin extract that has been used for centuries in traditional Indian, Chinese and Middle Eastern medicine as an anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving remedy. Recent high-level research studies have shown its ability to reduce inflammatory damage to tissue, associated pain and joint mobility through a number of molecular mechanisms.

Resveratrol is a natural compound made by various plants as a defence mechanism in response to microbial and fungal infections. It occurs naturally in low amounts in several edible plants and plant-based products such as grapes, cranberries, peanuts and red wine. New research is unveiling its promise for treatment of inflammatory conditions, including arthritis.

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