Real Nature Face Sheet Cucumber


Cucumber Superfood for the Skin. Reduces Swelling & Morning Puffiness, Reduces Dark lines under the Eyes, Aids Acne-Prone Skin, Helps combat Premature Aging, Soothes irritation, Calm & Hydrating, Sensitive Skin

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Brand: nature republic
Product name: real nature mask sheet cucumber
What is it: a face sheet mask with cucumber extracts to moisturize and make soft skin.
Category: mask / pack/ sheet / skincare / real nature
Scent: mild
Body part: face
Benefit: moisturizes the skin and makes the skin soft
Key ingredients: cucumber extracts moisturize and make soft skin
Volume: 23ml

Why are sheet masks better than applying mask from a container?

Face Sheet Masks are liquid-based – not thick and balmy – the formula is able to penetrate deeper into your skin cells, increasing its ability to hydrate the skin. This means your skin will not only look plumper and smoother instantly, but it retains the moisture long after you’ve removed the mask.

Nature republic facial treatment sheet masks are the hottest skin care trend right now.

  1. Nature republic is an International beauty brand that is extremely popular worldwide.
  2. Nature Republic Sheet Masks are comfortable and convenient.
  3. Each Sheet Mask contains the correct application dosage.
  4. There is a sheet mask for most every skin type and concern.
  5. Sheet Masks are great at boosting skin hydration.
  6. You can use most all of them as often as you want.
  7. Nature Republic Sheet Masks do not fall off, meaning you can multi-task while they work their magic.

Additional information


Cucumber can dramatically transform your skin health and appearance with its vit c, and vit a, potassium and
Nature republics, real nature cucumber sheet mask, is the perfect hydrating soothing blend which can benefit normal to dry skin in a variety of ways.
Nourishes the skin deeply with vitamin C and other wonderful nutrients.
Calm, soothe skin conditions and reduce inflamed and irritated skin (sunburned skin on the cheeks, nose, forehead and chin).
Help repair sun damage.
Hydrates due to its high- water content.
Firms up sagging skin.
Anti-aging and help keep wrinkles away.
Soften the skin leaving it more supple, smooth and radiant.
Calms and repairs skin.
Condition, tone, soothe and soften skin.
Plump, Hydrated, moisturize.
Even skin tone.
Cool and refresh.


After cleansing the face, apply the NATURE REPUBLIC Toner to prepare your skin for the next step of skin care.
Open the pouch, gently remove the Cotton Mask Sheet which is saturated with the nutritional Korean beauty essence.
Position the mask carefully on your face, using the eye and mouth area to align it correctly.
Smooth out any air-pockets.
Allow skin to soak up the goodness.
Nature Republic Sheet Masks do not fall off, meaning you can multi-task while they work their magic.
Remove the Sheet Mask after 10-20 minutes and gently pat for better absorption.
There is no need to rinse the face mask off, but rather allow it to stay on all day until your next skin care routine.
Once your skin has been boosted with the sheet mask goodness, the next step would be be add an eye cream to keep the vulnerable and delicate skin around your eyes, hydrated and nourished.


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