Power Rock Coffee 25g x 20


Power Rock coffee Sex Coffee is a unique combination of natural herbs, vitamins and minerals that has been shown to improve overall sexual experience.  The natural ingredients have been added to high quality freeze dried coffee, for a great tasting warm beverage, with a boost when you need it most.

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Sex Coffee has been effective to:

Enhance Sexual Desire in both Men and Women.

Make Erections Harder.

Increase Sexual Stamina.

Prevent Erectile Impotence and Premature Ejaculation.

Increase Energy Levels and Reduce Fatigue.

Improve your sexual experience for you and your partner.

The unique 100% Natural and Safe Formula found in Sex Coffee has been shown to increase the blood’s capacity to the penis, keeping it harder for longer and giving you confidence to relax and let your body naturally respond to sexual stimulation.

Not just for men, this aphrodisiac coffee when used by women has been shown to produce an improved sexual sensation, a stimulating buzz, and a boost of energy, a feeling of euphoria, and an increased sex drive.

Try Sex Coffee today and change your sex life forever.


Make yourself a great-tasting cup of coffee 30 minutes prior to sexual activity.  Fast acting and long lasting.

Take 1 Sachet by 100ml warm


Keep away from children

Not to be taken more than once every 72 hours

Not to be taken if you suffer from blood pressure and related illnesses.