NutriniDrink Multi Fibre Strawberry 200ml


NutriniDrink Multi Fibre is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for paediatric use under medical supervision. NutriniDrink Multi Fibre is a nutritionally complete 1.5 kcal/ml ready to drink sip feed, with added fibre for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition in children from one year of age (>8kg in body weight). It is enriched with 1.5g/100ml Multi Fibre. NutriniDrink Multi Fibre can be used to supplement the diet of children who are unable to meet their nutritional requirements from food, or it is suitable as a sole source of nutrition for children aged 1-12 years or 8-20 kg in body weight. NutriniDrink Multi Fibre is available in a 200ml bottle.

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Features • 1.5kcal/ml • 6.6g protein/200ml drink • Fibre enriched, MF6 fibre blend*, 4.6g per bottle, to help maintain normal bowel function • Contains carotenoids • Contains a higher percentage of fat, a lower percentage of protein and less iron compared to an adult supplement to cater specifically for the needs of children • Available in Vanilla and Strawberry • User friendly, easy to hold plastic bottle with straw attached and resealable cap • Halaal certified

Indications For the dietary management of: • Disease related malnutrition in children • Patients with higher energy and protein requirements, such as: • Cystic Fibrosis • Cerebral Palsy • Failure to thrive/faltering growth • Cardiac disease • Burns • Cancer • HIV/AIDS

Precautions NutriniDrink Multi Fibre is not suitable for the following: • Patients with Galactosemia • Patients with Cow’s Milk Allergy • Patients requiring a fibre free diet Contraindications • Gastrointestinal failure • Complete intestinal failure • Major intra-abdominal sepsis

Lactose Gluten FREE

Age restrictions • Not suitable for infants under 1 year of age . Important Notice • Not suitable for intravenous use

Directions for Use • Best served chilled • Shake well before use • Usage to be determined by a healthcare professional Storage • Store in a cool, dry place • Once opened, store in the refrigerator • Discard unused content after 24 hours