Cellfood Oxygen Mineral Supplement 29ml


Cellfood Oxygen Mineral Supplement 29ml.

Liquid Life.  The world’s leading oxygen supplement.

Experience the power of more oxygen in your life.  Assists the body to oxygenate.  Detoxify & nourish cells.

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The world’s Leading oxygen supplement

Tested on athletes at the University of Pretoria’s Institute of Sports Research.

Directions for use:

Adults: first time users start with 8 drops per day building up to 24 drops per day.  Children: 1 drop Cellfood daily per year of age.  After 18 years of age; use normal adult dosage of 8 drops 3 times per day in a full glass of approximately 200ml of purified water, carrot or red grape juice.  Alternatively mix 24 drops in 600ml purified water, carrot or red grape juice and drink as desired during the day.  Do not gargle the mixture or hold in your mouth.  Take before meals for best absorption.  If mild detoxification symptom result, reduce dosage temporarily.