Eucerin Sun Creme SPF50 Tinted CC Cream Fair 50ml


Eucerin Tinted Sun Creme 50ml Fair Complexion with UV filters protects the skin from premature ageing and damage caused by UV rays, creating at the same time an even and natural-looking skin tone. SPF 50.

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Beiersdorf.UVA® = reg. TM. of Beiersdorf AG.Sun creme tinted SPF 50+ – fair complexion.Daily tinted sun protection for sensitive skin.Very high UVB/UVA protection, EU compliant.Light texture for all skin types.Long lasting matt finish.Colour pigments unify skin’s complexion.Non-comedogenic.Unperfumed and paraben free.Eucerin® sun protection innovation:Eucerin developed a comprehensive protection against sun-induced skin damage specifically adapted for sensitive skin.With broadband and photostable UVA/UVB filter system (EU compliant) plus biological cell protection – the antioxidant licorice extract helps protect the skin cells in the deeper epidermal skin layers while glycyrrhetinic acid supports skin’s own renewal.In addition, added colour pigments for complexion correction (CC) melt onto skin, instantly giving it a unified look.Sun creme tinted SPF 50+ – fair complexion.Daily tinted sun protection for sensitive skin.Results:Helps protect from sunburn and sun-induced damage.Provides an even natural-looking skin tone.Long lasting matt finish.Dermatological and clinical studies confirm:Good skin tolerability on sensitive skin.The effects of sunlight on the skin:Sun rays enhance our feeling of well-being. They also are an important factor for the synthesis of Vitamin D, which is essential for the bone structure and plays an important role in the prevention of different diseases. But too much sun and UV exposure can lead to serious skin damages up to skin cancer.UVB rays penetrate into the upper skin layer (epidermis) and can cause sunburn as well as direct DNA-damage. UVA rays penetrate deeply into the lower skin layer (dermis) and induce the formation of free radicals. These can cause sun allergy and lead to indirect DNA-damage and, consequently, reduced cell activity and premature skin ageing. UV rays are also responsible for sun-induced hyperpigmentation.Sensitive skin of children:Sun protection is extremely important for children as their skin’s own protection system is not fully developed compared to adults due to a thinner horny layer as well as a lack of pigmentation. It is proven that UV damages and repeated sunburn during childhood increase the risk to suffer from skin cancer at a later stage of life.Sun allergy:Polymorphic light eruption (PLE) is diagnosed in about 90% of all patients with sun allergy. One of the most important triggers in predisposed persons are free radicals induced by UV light. The resulting oxidative stress causes cell damages with the consequence of inflammatory and allergic reactions and an overreaction of the immune system. After the first exposure to sun, itching occurs followed by development of small blisters, bumps or larger plaques on decollete, arms and legs. In the case of acne aestivalis (mallorca acne), UVA radiation in combination with certain ingredients of sunscreen or cosmetic products is responsible for these symptoms.The use of high factor sun protection, wearing hats, t-shirts and seeking shade between 11-3 is extremely important. Nevertheless, even the best sun protection can let UV rays penetrate the skin which can induce cell damages down to the deeper epidermal layers. Sunscreens with biological cell protection are able to help protect the skin cells from within against sun-induced skin damage.The innovation: Eucerin® sun protection.Eucerin skin research has developed a more comprehensive protection against sun-induced skin damage – both in upper and deeper skin layers.UV filter system.The highly effective broadband and photostable UVA/UVB filter system protects reliably against sunburn and sun-induced skin damage, EU compliant.Biological cell protection, UVB protection, UVA protection.Biological cell protection:The natural active ingredients licorice extract, glycyrrhetinic acid & alpha-glucosyl-rutine support a biological cell protection against sun-induced skin damage. The antioxidant licorice extract protects the skin cells in the deeper epidermal skin layers while glycyrrhetinic acid supports skin’s own DNA repair mechanism. Alpha-glucosyl-rutine in combination with licorice extract, helps protect against development of sun allergies.Anti-oxidative efficacy with licorice extract.Extracted from the roots of the Chinese Glycyrrhiza Inflata, it activates the cellular defence systems and offers proven protection of skin cells against sun-induced damages caused by free radicals.DNA protection with glycyrrhetinic acid extracted from the Glycyrrhiza glabra root, it helps to protect the skin cells in deeper epidermal layers from harmful UV-radiation and to stimulate skin’s own DNA repair mechanism.Sun allergy prevention with alpha-glucosyl-rutine plant derived active extracted from the pagoda tree. It is a powerful anti-oxidant that in combination with licorice extract strengthens skin’s own protection against free radicals, one of the mayor triggers for sun allergy.Eucerin®: superior sun protection for your skin’s individual needs.