Eat Naked Raw Honey Jar 700g


While we’re all for eating honey naked, we don’t recommend eating it in your birthday suit (unless you’re into that?) What we mean is enjoying it the way nature intended. Raw, unadulterated and straight from the hive. You’ll find this honey contains all of its natural enzymes, pollen, propolis and wax.

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Why should you buy it:
– Satisfy that sweet tooth the wholesome way with Eat Naked Honey. Packed full of nutrients, it’s nothing but guiltless sweetness
– We leave our food nude, super nude. No added sugar. No artificial anything. Just all natural, all pure goodness
– Good things come in threes. This is why every Eat Naked product is good for you, good for the community and good for the birds and the bees (i.e. the environment)

Nutrition Information per 100g:
– Energy -1400kj
– Protein – 0.3g
– Carbohydrate – 82g
– Of which total sugar – 71g
– Dietary Fibre -0.2g
– Total Fat -0g
– Cholesterol -0mg
– Total Sodium – 4mg