R-Lactin Cream 125 ml


R-Lactin – Your Skin Saver

125ml Jar, is a rich Moisturizer for very dry skin and small affected areas on the skin.

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R- Lactin Cream/Lotion helps with the removal of dry, dead skin cells in the uppermost layer not only improving the appearance of skin, but also helping to increase the penetration of other skin care ingredients and moisturisers.

R- Lactin Cream/Lotion is ideal for use on conditions such as rough skin texture caused by sun damage, dry scaly skin (Xerosis). Keratosis pilaris and Ishthyosis vulgaris.  It helps to smooth fine wrinkles and helps to reduce Hyper-pigmentation such as Old-age spots (Solar Lentigo).

Active Ingredient called Lactic Acid is an effective alpha hydroxy acid that can help your skin in a number of ways.  Derived from fermented milk, it is perhaps one of the oldest skin care ingredients and evidence of its use has been found over the centuries.

Lactic Acid is an effective exfoliating agent, it works by helping to remove dry, dead skin cells that sit on the skins epidermis, or upper-most layer.  This action allows newer, healthier skin cells to show through, thereby improving the appearance of skin.

Follow Cautionary product instructions prior to use.