This is a herbal- homoeopathic medicine for use in the treatment of menopausal symptoms.

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Homoeopathic- herbal combination complementary medicine

Each 500mg dragee contains: Rheum rhaponticum 4mg, Humulus lupulus 80mg, Ferula sumbul D6, Glonoinum D30, Phytolacca decandra D30, Pilocarpus, jaborandi (Jaborandi) D6, Ustilago maydis D4


Phytol Plus should only be taken under the supervision of a suitably qualified practitioner by persons who have oestrogen-dependent tumours, endometrial or mammary carcinoma, myomas, endometriosis, mastopathy, thrombosis, embolism, cerebrovascular disease, severe hepatic insufficiency, hepatic disease or a history thereof. Do not use when pregnant or breastfeeding. Use with caution with chronic depression, jaundice, chronic constipation, chronic diarrhoea, liver or gall bladder complaints, chronic urinary disorders and chronic nausea or vomiting.

Dosage and Directions: 1 or 2 dragees daily after breakfast for at least four weeks, or as prescribed.

Side Effects/Special Precautions: Occasional mild nausea may occur when used at the recommended dose. Higher doses may cause breast tenderness and uterine bleeding irregularities. Preferably take after meals.