Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate Berry 400ml Women


Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate Berry 400 ml Women

Herbex. Berry flavouring.  A refreshing drink to assist weight loss.  Fat Burn concentrate.


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Herbex Fat Burn Concentrate Berry 400ml combines green tea extract and Guarana in a refreshing drink to assist with your weight loss.  Both are high in antioxidants, and the green tea helps to reduce appetite and increase the metabolism.  Guarana helps increase energy levels to keep you going.

Green Tea may reduce appetite and increase the metabolic rate, which assists the body in burning consumed calories.  Guarana is known to increase energy levels.  Helps boost metabolism increase.  Increases energy reduces appetite.  Scheduling status:  not scheduled.

Herbex fat burn concentrate berry (liquid). Composition:  each 25ml of concentrate contains:  Camellia sinensis extract (green tea) (95 % polyphenois) 225mg.  Paullinia cupana extract (guarana) (<12% caffeine) – 50mg.  Preservatives:  sodium benzoate 0.05% m/v, potassium sorbate 0.03% m/b/.  Alcohol: less than 2 % v/v.

To achieve and maintain your goal weight you must adjust your lifestyle.  A kilojoule-controlled diet and healthy exercise program are essential.  ( See Website for more detailed information, www.herbex.com).

Indications: a complimentary medicine containing herbal substances used as an adjuvant that may help to boost metabolism, assist in reducing appetite and help to increase energy.

400 ml