Easy Sleep 40winx 30 Day Pack Capsules


30 x Easy Sleep Capsules & 30 x Easy Wake Capsules.

Easy Sleep 40winx is a natural sleep aid for people experiencing acute anxiety and stress-related disorders causing lack of concentration, or a disrupted and poor sleep quality. This wonderful product is non addictive and natural.

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Easy Sleep 40winx Component 1 – contains Camomile, Passionflower, Valerian Root, calcium, magnesium and Amino Acids which all work synergistically to assist in a peaceful and relaxed night’s sleep.

This supplement should be taken at night after dinner or one hour before sleep.

Easy Sleep 40winx Component 2 (Easy Wake) – contains B Complex Vitamins as well as other Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants which are essential for energy production. This component is known as the “get up and go” component because it helps your body produce energy for the day ahead.

This supplement should be taken in the morning with breakfast to kick-start your energy levels for the day.