Apex Muscle Up


Apex Muscle-up is specifically formulated for those male athletes who have higher metabolic rates, and pick-up muscle mass with more difficulty.  This product has a protein-to-carbohydrate ratio of 50:78, allowing for fueling their metabolism via the carbohydrates yet still providing enough protein for post-training muscle recovery and muscle gains.

This product is typically used by athletes needing to gain weight or those who have high cardiovascular outputs.  A novel feature of this product is that it contains comparatively low glycaemic index carbohydrates, allowing for a sustained energy release.

Sugar Free

Shake Flavours:

Caramel Biscuit (AVAILABLE)

Chocolate (OUT OF STOCK)

Strawberry (OUT OF STOCK)

Size:  1 kg Bag

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Sugar Free

50g Protein per Serving/78 Low GI Carb per Serving

Rapid Muscle Builder

Post-Training Muscle Recovery

Muscle Gains

Sustained Energy Release

Contains:  BCAA’s and Glutamine/Glutamate 34.5g per serving.

Made in South Africa

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